Thursday, 6 December 2012

Perfume press reviews!

Rather catchy, don't you think? Now dance! / Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service

El nuevo album de Cineplexx arranca con un click: una ilusión de reproducción analógica que sirve de primera pista para entrar en el exquisito mundo de Sebastián Litmanovich, un universo donde conviven Phil Specto, Brian Wilson, Duglas T. Stewart y Rogerio Duprat. / Rockdelux, Diciembre 2012, por Marta Salicrú.

Perfume takes off with my favorite single, "Cosas de la Vida Normal," and from there Cineplexx takes you on a journey of dream-filled ecstasy. It's as if you've landed on a planet of cotton candy skies and funnel cake trees and all you need to do is lay on a black sand beach with the warm sun and cool breeze. Perfume very much takes on the island life. It's breezy, laid back and classy. Many a maraca is played while delicate guitars strum their way to blissful oblivion, and the vocals serenade you into a peaceful twilight. / Indieshuffle

Drifts towards paradise with "Crawl o Mariposas" / Remezcla

'Cosas de la Vida Normal'. Right from the start of this track, the beat is sure to get you moving! / Indieshuffle

It has hooks, class, rich and exotic instrumentation, it has all the elements that should constitute great pop records. / SoundsXP

Cosas de la Vida Normal itself is brilliant, dabbling between tones of pop and those of a more psychedelic and dreamlike quality. / In Love Not Limbo

it's not too distant from the engrossing DIY pop of R. Stevie Moore or Ariel Pink, a mellow piece of paradise. / Obscure Sound

Perfume, an album that will surely carry on the infectious, dreamy pop. / Sounds and Colours
El suave, cautivador y desconcertante viaje musical por parte de Cineplexx y sus sintetizadores desde la primera escucha te envuelve haciéndote sentir infinitamente cómodo. / Me Hace Ruido