Saturday, 23 March 2013

Another new remix: Amish by Violeta Vil (Cineplexx RMX)

This ladies from Spain make amazing music, we had collaborated in other tracks before (soon to be release I hope!), but here is the first release of our musical intercourse.

Find out more here:

New remix: BMX BANDITS - Take Me To Heaven [With Cineplexx]

I am so glad to finally see this track released on Elefant Records!

You can buy/listen the new BMX Bandits EP (that is amazing) here:
BMX BANDITS on iTunes:
BMX BANDITS on Spotify:

Song taken from ER-D023 BMX BANDITS "All Around The World" Digital Single  Elefant Records:


Friday, 1 March 2013

CINEPLEXX's remix of Stealing Sheep is The Guardian's tracks of the week!

CINEPLEXX's remix of Stealing Sheep's NOAH'S DAYS is No.3 in The Guardian's tracks of the week!

Check here: